Hola everyone , 

I just wanted to get started on this whole blogging thing since everything is finally starting to come together, or so I feel. So, my name is Demetrius Jackson & I started The Base Company in September 2018. No real money to put into it and  nothing too crazy on a designing background. But what I do possess as a human being is my love for fashion and hustling. So I really just put the two together and everything else is just starting to work itself together. The reason I am able to incorporate blogging in the mix now is because I feel like I have a good enough grip onto my other skills now. So, I would like to throw another trick into my repertoire. With starting The Base, I have made notice that you will not always be able to work with your team or even sometimes make time for things like shooting a video. Will those things come around? Yes. But, I have found it better to do things on my own while I wait on those times to come around. By doing so, I have learned to do a few other creative things along the way. I will introduce those later down the road in different blogs. Im also not going to hold anyone and act like I will be doing these daily, because I wont lol. So, lets aim for every Sunday night? Cool! Thanks for reading!

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