Houston Pop Up Week

Houston Pop Up Week

Whats the deaaaallll folks? I just finished up my commute back from Houston, currently in Norfolk VA. I want to start with saying the houston pop up was dope & it seemed like everyone had a good time. So thank you to everyone who pushed up. If the community is happy, The Base Company is happy. & if you missed it, the leftover items will be posted online this Friday, NOV 1st 2019. Which brings me to my next point . . . If you are even slightly thinking about buying something, do it. Because this is the last drop I will be having until end of next month AND I will not be including the butterfly in any of the winter collection. Which is my nextttt point. I got word that one of these younger designer cats, that I legit have never seen in my life, was upset because I’m using the butterfly. I will not say his name because that is not how I rock but I’m sure someone reading will know who I’m talking about.  So instead of showing hate . . . I would like to propose to him that we can both have a winter collection , drop it the same time & see who does the most numbers in the first week. Loser has to promote the other persons brand for a full 24 hours . 3 posts minimum. 

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