Haaaaaan! Anyways though , yeah so a little more in depth of what I was saying on my IG page . I just feel like the time coming up , is basically deja vu. Like it is a time I have gone through in the past. Back in high school when I had decided to join the Navy, I also decided to quit my job & just “hustle” until I had left for boot camp. I didn’t wanna work because I knew the next 4+ years of my life, I would be working a full ass FULL time job AT THE LEAST. & if you told high school DeJack that he would be working the hours I am now, highschool DeJack would’ve just stayed his ass home lmao. What y’all say, no cap? But really. Navy people don’t realize it because it’s our life now, but to our civilian friends? This shit is ridiculous. So yeah, basically that same transition is about to happen except vise versa. I get out the navy in august & I just want to slow it down a little & put more creativity into the brand, myself. Because once I get out the Navy, I won’t be working on The Base Company as a side thing anymore . . . this will be my all day everyday. I hope that kind of summed it all up for you all to understand!

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